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Getting a tasty, exotic, exciting meal is a little easier these days, thanks to the surging interest in gastronomy.  From cooking shows to more adventurous diners, the food and beverage industry is booming. Still, high overhead and finicky consumers make it difficult to stick around in this industry; so when you find an establishment that continues to offer seasonal items from some of the world’s best culinary artisans, it is certainly a place you will need to experience for yourself.

Located in Old Montreal’s St Sulpice Hotel, the Restaurant Sinclair offers traditional and daring breakfast, brunch, and lunch items with great flare and elegance.  They also have a unique tasting and lounge menu to keep your palate guessing.


The St Sulpice Hotel Restaurant Sinclair’s tasting menu features the following items for  a flat $60.

  • Amuse-bouche: of course, a “selon l’inspiration du Chef”
  • Entree: Quebec foie gras served with marbled cocoa, a tangerine chutney, and gingerbread
  • An Entrement: Catch of the day served with vanilla flavoured cream of cauliflower and an emulsion of Tonka beans
  • Plats Principaux (Main Dish): Pan-seared Black Angus filet mignon served with black truffle oil-flavoured Yukon Gold gratin, and a Madagascar sauce
  • Pre-Dessert: Praline feuillantine ganache with Tahitian vanilla-flavored bavarois, and an almond tule
  • Dessert du Chef Patisseries (the Chef’s Dessert Selection): a Sinclair-style lemon tart
  • coffee and tea, of course, are also included


If you are considering a bite in the lounge, however, you will find the following items available between 3pm and 11pm, daily. Prices range from $6 to $20.

  • mixed nuts sprinkled with smoked paprika served with sauteed arugula ($6)
  • Fresh, seasonal oysters (half-dozen)
  • Warmed “Beau de Provence” olives served with minced almonds drenched in vodka
  • pressed, fresh Atlantic crab served with coriander, spicy mayonnaise, and a curry crumble
  • marinated and grilled calamari and a fresh basil pesto served with tomato salsa alla Puttanesca
  • platter of (3) Quebec cheeses served with chef’s condiments and grilled nuts country bread
  • platter of mixed, cured meats and marinated dill vegetables served with homemade mustard and a Kalamata tapenade
  • Small, traditional Canadian beef tartar with your choice of seasonings
  • Fresh Quebec lobster wrap with arugula and a basil mayonnaise served with Pommes frites
  • Grilled, Canadian beef burger with aged cheddar and mesclun on a brioche bun and served with “pommes frites a la Provencale”

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