Choosing the Right Crockery for Your Business

Published On July 1, 2016 | By admin | Catering

The crockery for a restaurant or a catering service not only needs to serve a utilitarian purpose, but it must be stylish as well. Many chefs believe that you eat with your eyes first, so cutlery and crockery are a vital part of how your food is perceived. There are many factors in choosing the right type of dinnerware for your business.

Your Budget

When making any major purchase for your business, you consider your budget first. While you want to make a good impression with clean, attractive dishes, you also must consider the cost. You can usually find affordable, quality crockery at online discount vendors. While this crockery may be inexpensive, it will appeal to your guests and impress them that much more.

For a catering business, you also need to decide whether to buy or hire the catering crockery for your events. If you cater a wide variety of events, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and barbeques, then you will need to have a wider selection of crockery that is appropriate for each event. For more casual events, plastic or wood crockery are perfect choices, but for weddings and anniversaries, formal place settings with shining dinnerware are the best option.

Type of Business

The type of restaurant or the type of events your catering company handles will influence the style of crockery that you buy. For instance, if you own a pub, then you may choose to buy wooden-style dishes or china with a rustic design. However, if you own a fine dining restaurant or mainly cater weddings and anniversaries, then you will want to choose china that appears expensive and classy, but that is heavy duty and will hold up to repeated use.

Your Menu

The type of food you serve will also influence the style of crockery that you use in your restaurant or for your catering business. If you frequently have buffet-style service or run a family-style restaurant, then consider large serving platters that allow groups of guests to serve themselves. Smaller bowls, plates, and platters are needed for tapas restaurants or for finger foods that may be served at business meetings.

Storage for Crockery

Where you will store your crockery is another consideration when choosing place settings for your restaurant or catering service. Oddly shaped or oversized crockery will need more shelf space and will not stack as well as traditional round plates and bowls. In addition, you will also need to consider dishwashing. Will the crockery you choose fit easily in the dishwasher? Will your dishwasher run efficiently with the crockery you use, or will fewer items fit inside at a time? Because your goal is to save money and grow your business, accounting for these seemingly small considerations can save you a bundle.

Even though it may seem choosing the crockery for a restaurant or catering service should be a simple decision, there are many factors to consider. The way your food is presented will affect its perception and your success.

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