6 End Products of Apple Processing

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Apples are one of the most versatile fruits you can work with when you are creating food products. There are so many different ways to use apples and the end products of apples that make this fruit one of the most popular in food manufacture. Apples have a distinctive and appealing flavour that works well in a number of different food products. Here are some of the ways apples are used after processing in different foods.

  1. Sweets

Apples may not directly be used for making sweets but the flavouring is often used for creating sweets and candies. The flavouring is obtained from the concentrate of apples and this is used in dehydrated form to provide sweetness and flavour.

  1. Jams

Apple jams are created from apple juice and the pulp from apples. Jams may be used on their own as food products or they can be put into other recipes such as desserts, in order to add sweetness and depth of flavour. Jam made from fruit retains the full flavour of the fruit, which makes it very popular for use in sweet dishes and food products.

  1. Jellies

Apple jellies are also created for use on their own as a food product or within another foodstuff. Apple jellies are created using the fruit as well as gelling agents that help to form the right texture and consistency for the jelly.

  1. Juices

Juice Manufacturer firms use apple to create pure apple juices and apple juice from concentrate. Apple juice is popular for drinking as a product in its own right and can also be added to numerous other foods such as cakes, biscuits, desserts, or savoury foodstuffs. Apples are processed to remove the inedible parts of the apple and then the juice is processed in order to achieve the right end product, which may be clear or cloudy, pure juice or concentrated. There are many different uses for apple juice, which is why it is processed in different ways for different purposes.

  1. Pulps

Apple pulp is a highly versatile ingredient used in a variety of foods to provide flavour and texture. Apple pulp is taken from fresh apples and is popular with manufacturers for use in the creation of cookies, muffins, and cakes.

  1. Concentrate

There is also apple juice concentrate, a product that takes fresh apple juice and removes the water, thus making it easier to store and to transport. Water can be added later to create a concentrated juice.

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